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Twin Rivers School Police Association


The Board of Directors consists of five Executive Officers holding the elected offices of President, Vice President (sworn), Vice President (non sworn), Secretary and Treasurer.

The Board of Directors may be reduced or expanded in proportion to any changes in membership.

The Executive Board of Directors is vested with the executive authority to conduct Association business and affairs.

The Board of Directors governs the Association regarding policy and all other matters.

The Board of Directors also serves as representatives to enforce provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding between the District and the Association.

Meetings of the Board of Directors are held quarterly or as needed. Members are invited to attend.


Current Board of Directors


President Kris McClintock -

Vice President (Sworn) Open - 

Vice President (Non Sworn) Tuyen Kim -

Secretary Jason Smith -

Treasurer Jeanne Smith -


PORAC Region 2 SPAC Representative William Cho -


Chief Negotiator and Labor Consultant Larry Menth -

Labor Consultant Aaron Donato -

Staff Counsel Kyle Wende -


Past Presidents

Brian Rahlf


Arlin Kocher
2008 - 2013

Matthew Scott
2007 - 2008

William Cho
2005 - 2007


Thank you all for your time and dedication to our association.